Making your Rifle Cooler. The American Way!

The Most Accurate and Customizable AR15
Charging Handle with Bottle Opener


Are you Ready to Try Something Different?

The Worlds Coolest Bottle Opener for your AR15.
It is made in America for the Rifle Buffs.


Pop open your favorite Brew with Bottle Charger.

Commandeer the Beverage you Like while Hunting, Shooting
and Practicing with your All-American AR15 Rifle.


Bottle Charger

We are an all-American and veteran-owned business brought to existence by an avid shooter with a real passion for rifles and guns.  We represent a great opportunity for all individuals who have interests in rifles, guns, hunting, military and outdoors by providing a unique approach to a common gun part, that is the worlds coolest and all-American bottle opener for AR15 Rifles. We have taken the most famous American fire-arm and turned it into a new kind of utility-based weapon, a heavy-duty bottle, and brew opener to pop open your favorite brew and beverages while you are shooting, hunting, or to enjoy the sunset in the Arizonian Desert.

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Our Equipment and Accessories

Bottle Charger for the AR-15

The Bottle Charger is a Mil-Spec AR-15 charging handle with a patented bottle opener latch to enjoy your favorite drinks and beers. This unique gift takes a common AR-15 part and allows the customer to modify it to suit their particular set of needs. It makes for an awesome groomsmen gift, birthday gift, Christmas stalking stuffer, Father’s Day gift, or to personalize the all-American AR-15 Assault weapon. This makes the bottle charger the coolest accessory that can be attached to the AR-15 rifle.

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Our Products

We have a wide range of exclusive all-American made AR15 weapon accessories ranging from Chargers Bottle Opener, Bottle Latches, Chargers, Engraved and Custom Handles, and a whole lot more.

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All-American Charging Handles

The AR-15 charging handle is quite a small accessory, but it is a critical piece of hardware when it comes to upgrading your all-powerful AR-15. Bottle Chargers carries some of the finest quality accessories ranging from AR15 charging handles manufactured in America. No matter the mission, we have the AR-15 accessories and charging handles to get the job done. The handles provide situational and expert performance handling along with the precision charging of the rifle making it ready for shooting.

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